Our story

Our story is the story of Romanian flavours and tastes. Since 2009, our mission has been to meet the needs of families who look for a healthy meal and quality foods. We built our food processing unit in Transylvania, Alba county, with our own resources and Sapard funds, making sure that our products are manufactured with carefully selected ingredients and recipes, at the highest quality and safety standards.

Prefera Foods portfolio includes a wide range of affordable to premium products, for breakfast, quick snacks or dinner meals, such as pork, chicken, duck, goose and turkey liver pâtés; vegetable spreads; canned meat preserved in its own juice; ready bean meals; eggplant spread (zacusca), sour soups and goulash, without preservatives and additives, as well as various pickled vegetables and specialities.

About us

The taste has a story and our story is found in your family meals.

The diversity and quality are the main ingredients of the products we have been offering to consumers since 2009. Our mission is to provide our customers carefully crafted products, using the best ingredients and recipes that satisfy the most various needs and tastes.

Prefera Foods portfolio includes liver pâtés, vegetable spreads, canned meat preserved in its own juice, ready bean meals, eggplant spreads, sour soups, goulash, pickles and other specialities. In the canned food industry, Prefera Foods differentiates with unique and clean recipes, without additives or preservatives.

Therefore, our customers can enjoy healthy food choices at any time of the day, from breakfast to dinner or a quick snack between meals.

Our products

Capricii și Delicii

For sophisticated customers who look for deliciously natural recipes. Capricii și Delicii – the premium brand of Prefera Foods.

Atelier Mediaș

The know-how of meat processing. Atelier Mediaș – a traditional brand that passed the test of time.


A Good Menu (Un Meniu Bun) always means a well-cooked food for a fair price.

The vegetal "Un Meniu Bun" line consists in spreadable soy and vegetable pastes, suitable for both fasting days, and whenever we want a healthy and wholesome snack, free of meat.


The Rodna range of products is the perfect choice for those looking for something tasty to eat to astonish hunger, such as liver pâtés, meat or ready bean meals.


A range of simple affordable products, that satisfy the need for nourishing and delicious foods.


The new range of Ready Meals and Sour Soups from Capricii și Delicii

People of your time, craving for good food, your childhood sour soups and dishes are here, ready to meet your modern taste. Today they go on minimalist plates and futurist tables, in between office ta...